On this Week 3 episode of The Assignment, David and Colby recap Thursday’s Chiefs-Eagles tilt before looking ahead to this weekend’s games. Topics discussed include the Trent Richardson trade, whether Andy Dalton can keep up with Aaron Rodgers, intriguing receiver versus secondary match-ups, and a few teams already playing for their playoff lives. All that, plus, wait… Andy Reid is how big?!

Andy Reid is a large man. For some reason, this is something that had escaped me. Obviously, I knew he was a bit round at the center, but in terms of overall stature, he seemed more of the short and plump variety to me. That could not be more false. Andy Reid, according to the never-wrong Wikipedia, stands six-foot, three-inches tall. He apparently has been roughly this tall since the ripe age of 13. Don’t believe me? He’s video proof of behemoth-13-year-old Reid:

Call me a bit skeptical, but there’s no way humanly possible that Reid is the same age as those other kids, right? HE’S TWICE THEIR SIZE! Reid has consumed racks of ribs larger than the runts behind him. And they’re supposed to compete with him in a punt, pass, and kick competition? Yeah, sure.

One thing is for certain, I will never confuse Andy Reid for a mini-human ever again.

Rewriting History

Even secret agents occasionally make mistakes. When we screw up, we’ll correct ourselves here and then go about our day as if it never happened.

Well, either we were rock solid this episode, or are just unable to remember any egregious mistakes. If you catch anything, let us know in the comments.

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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