In this monumental episode (007! OK, so maybe monumental isn’t the right word) of The Assignment, David and Colby recap Thursday night’s 49ers-Rams game while getting you prepared for Week Four’s best match-ups. Topics include Josh Freeman’s benching, key players returning from injury, the Texans chances against a dominant Seahawks team, whether the Eagles and Broncos will combine for a bajillion points, and a battle of 3-0 teams that still need to prove their worth. All that, plus, WE’VE GOT DROPS, BITCHES!

Additional Goodness

Here are a couple extras to enhance what is, surely, an already stellar listening experience:

  • We didn’t end up mentioning it during our recap of the 49ers-Rams game, but Phil Dawson attempted a 71-yard free kick at the end of the first half. I for one, was throughly confused for about 30 seconds before I figured out what’s going on. Turns out there’s a wicked old rule that allows a team to try it’s luck at an unrushed field goal following a fair catch. As you can imagine, this doesn’t come up too often. Dawson’s kick never had a chance, but at least he can take solace in knowing he put forth a better effort than Neil Rackers did back in 2008:

  • When discussing the Josh Freeman benching, we mentioned an article written by Bill Barnwell over at Grantland that examined some interesting questions regarding the Buccaneers decision. You can find the full article here.

That’s all we’ve got for ya. Enjoy episode 007 and whatever Week Four games you may be watching this weekend. We’d love to hear your take on anything we did, or didn’t, discuss about this week’s slate of games so drop us a comment below.

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